That extra special Christmas Gift!

The gift of Family History at Christmas has all the more poignancy, as the nights grow long and thoughts turn to relatives, lost loved ones and bygone times. Why not give your family a great Christmas Gift this year, which will live long in the memory?  Present that special someone with a Christmas Gift Voucher and then their family story can begin.

My account of your family story will include the genealogical facts about your ancestors, and will also provide some historical framework to the key events of the times they lived in. My Family Histories are all produced with meticulous attention to detail and researched as if they were my own family. Indeed on many occasions I find myself beyond the brief as my burning curiosity in all things genealogical takes me ‘off piste’ hunting down a nugget of family history, which of course I include in my finished report.

Who or what might lie awaiting to be discovered and have their story told at this special time of year?
What might you find out?
·                 Are you really from where you think?
·                 Do you have a war hero waiting to be discovered?
·                 Was there somebody famous or infamous?
·                 Has your family always had the same name?
·                 Do you have relatives abroad?
·                 Are you of Royal descent?

At Christmas why not give your special someone the gift of knowing ‘Who They Really Are!’   Contact Grace Ancestry at: [email protected] for further details or visit our website: