The Art of Public Speaking

The Art of Public Speaking

Bobby Womack, a famous musician, is quoted as having said, “Always leave them wanting more, and they will call you back.” In the art of public speaking, that is some really good advice that most of us wish that speakers would take to heart and put into practice.

It is always amazing to me for people who think they have the art of public speaking  when they speak (even a well-seasoned one) will go on and on and on repeating themselves and have every member of the audience sneaking peeks at their wrist watches and wondering if the speaker will ever just SHUT UP!

The art of public speaking means that good speeches on any subject are made up of three parts:

1. A Beginning — and that beginning needs to be strong. The first words out of a speaker’s mouth need to get the audience’s attention and make them eager to hear what the speaker has to say.

2.  A Middle — where a speaker expounds on his subject. The middle is where information is imparted from the speaker to the audience. Information needs to be given in a clear and orderly way without repetition.

3.  The End that is as close to The Beginning as possible and leaves the audience with a “sound byte” and wanting to hear more.

Most people know what a sound byte is. It consists of a few memorable or important words that are aired on radio and TV over and over again. Sometimes the sound bytes are little bits of wisdom capsulated, and sometimes they are real boners, but they are all memorable.

Of course, to be good at the art of public speaking, you don’t want your sound byte to be a boner; you want it to be a small capsule of information that your audience will take with them that will make them want to hear what you have to say the next time you speak.

The other thing that will help you get a grip is to practice your speech so many times that you could give it in your sleep. If you are confident that you know what you are going to say and how you are going to say it, you will make sure that your audience is with you and they want more of what you have to say.

Knowing the art of public speaking will ensure that your audience is not asleep and always wanting more.