The power of a 1-2-1

I love having 1-2-1s. Not only is it a great opportunity to get to know my fellow WIBN group members better, I get the chance to escape my desk and be out in the “real world”. And this is a big deal when you work alone!

For me, 1-2-1s are an essential part of being involved in a networking group. There is only so much you can discover about a person and their business from the 60 seconds you are given at a WIBN meeting. Even though you are able to find out more from a member 10 minutes, nothing beats actually sitting down face to face and interacting with someone.

2 women talking in a coffee shop

A coffee at a local café or hotel foyer puts you in a relaxed environment where you are free from distractions and are able to focus on engaging in a conversation. You are able to start cultivating a business and personal relationship with someone built on your shared status as women in business.

I view a successful 1-2-1 as one where I have learnt …
Why & how they do what they do;
What they love & hate most about their business / job;
How I can refer people to them; and
Something of their life away from work.

My top tip for 1-2-1s – have them everyone in your WIBN group, not just the people you think can naturally refer business to you. You never know when you’ll meet someone looking for a service offered within your group. Always be primed to advocate your fellow members, and they’ll do the same for you.

Susie Tobias, Wise Genius – member of Sandy WIBN group