The Power of Taking Time Off

An inspiring business woman I know has recently decided to take a sabbatical for various reasons but in particular to expand her knowledge and focus for herself and her business. To best explain this she pointed me in the direction of a TedTalk by Stefan Sagmeister on ‘The Power of Taking Time Off‘.

Now it’s highly unlikely I or perhaps you, are going to down tools immediately and take a year off! It takes careful planning and implementing let alone a whole lot of nerve. But what’s very apparent are the positive and creative results that come from taking time off. (I was intrigued also to learn that both Google and 3M encourage their engineers to take time to pursue their personal projects, again to great gain for the company when the later comes back with ideas like Scotch Tape and Sticky Notes 😉

Many things inspired and motivated me in this talk but none as much as his advice to ‘talk to people’ (7 mins in). Regardless of what you do, speaking to others with more experience and success than yourself can only help you with your future growth. This is something I encourage regularly through my work both as a career transition coach with Catseye Coaching and as Networking Queen with Women In Business Network Ireland🙂

So if unlike Stefan you can’t take a year off, at the very least, make yourself a cup of java (or preferred beverage) and take 18mins to watch and listen to his talk. Then identify that person you’ve been wanting to speak to about their ‘time off’ successes and arrange a meeting. What’s the worst that can happen?

All this being said, I’m the worst in the world for ‘taking time off’ but as I’m just about to go into a very notable year this has prompted me to plan it a little differently 🙂 Perfect timing as I go into my Strategy Meeting this week.

If you’ve taken a sabbatical, please do share your stories and experiences with us here. Let’s see how powerful ‘taking time off’ can actually be!