The Power of Thank You!

Saying “thank you “ is one of the first lessons we teach to small children. But it’s often a lesson that many of us seem to forget in our business lives.

Research has shown though, time and time again, that expressing gratitude creates strong, collaborative ties and builds the foundations for greater influence. Studies find that people who express thanks to others have stronger ties months later. A few years ago the Huffington Post reported that “Researchers Adam M Grant and Francesco Gino studied the impact of a sincere ‘thank you’ in the workplace. Their findings show a 50% increase in the amount of additional help being offered as a result of the appreciation.” That could represent a real difference to a business’s bottom line, and a team’s performance. I love the fact that “thank you” is ingrained in the WIBN culture!

This week I have been thanked several times, by clients, by editors, by members of WIBN, even by my kids (sometimes older teens know what buttons to press!) and I can feel that little uplift described by the researchers, a willingness to go an extra mile for the thanker. It costs nothing but it’s value is priceless.

Thank you for reading!