The PR secrets that make the big brands bigger, shared with you…

For every business large or small, PR and media publicity is crucial. After all, how will people buy your product or service if they don’t know you exist?  However, for smaller businesses, often PR is seen as an expensive luxury, with agencies opting to support larger organisations with bigger budgets.

But not anymore, HK Communications is providing small businesses like yours with the insight, techniques and know-how to spot a newsworthy story in your business, know the angle the media will be looking for, and crucially, how to pitch to journalists and get coverage.

We’re hosting a PR 101 masterclass – a three-hour, three-module intensive workshop which will help you take your business to the next level, without spending money on expensive agencies.

You should not only leave with a greater understanding of PR, but also practical takeaways and worksheets that you can use straight away to begin pitching your business to the media.

The exercises that we’ll do include:

  • A news story or a non-story (spotting a story in your business and in other industries)
  • K.I.S.S.
  • Could it be made simpler?
  • Press release drafting

The practical tools we’ll talk through and you’ll take away with you include:

  • A case study intro and strategy (how to turn your clients into your advocates)
  • Example releases
  • A press release template

With this 101, you will save your business time and money, as you’ll have the confidence to engage journalists yourself, and know what ‘good PR’ looks like if you decide to hire an external consultancy as your business grows.

But don’t just take our word for it…