Tips for working from home

Prior to the Coronavirus just 2% of people worked from home. In recent days that has risen exponentially.

We at Pink Spaghetti are used to working from home. Our franchisees and staff, around 100 people in our business, all work from home. It is not for everyone, so what would we suggest for people about to start? Here are some of our tops tips for structuring your day.


It can be very easy to merge home and work life, but this could be a mistake. Get up at the same time, keep to your morning routine, and instead of leaving the house, you sit at your computer. Some people even find that being in work clothes instead of the often written about pyjamas can help the mind differentiate between home and work life.

Take breaks 

You can use a timer such as a Pomorodo Timer, to ensure that every ½ hour or hour you take a break. Go into the garden, get some fresh air, make a cup of coffee, whatever you need.

Keep in contact 

One of the great things about going into work are the people. Talking about what is going on, who saw what on television, etc is vitally important to us all and yet this is the first thing that goes with working from home. Set up a virtual team. This could be in the form of a private Facebook Group, or software such as Slack. Zoom can be used for visual meetings. You could start the day with a video meeting, and then continue with group messaging throughout the day.

End your Day

It is so easy to keep working and not end your day especially if you live alone or do not have any other distractions. It is okay to keep working into the night once in a while but if this is a regular occurrence, you will soon burn out.

What are your tips for working from home? I would love to hear from you. drop me a note at [email protected]