When it comes to running a business, your brand is something that makes you unique. Often, this branding is something that you work on studiously with a professional, so you can ensure that your business shares the right message, style, personality, ethos, values, and attracts the right clients. This branding is something that can carry across to your personal style, and it is something I love helping my entrepreneur clients work on together, so we can align their business brand with their personal brand.

Something I must share before I get into the nitty gritty, is that you don’t have to be a business owner to have a personal brand or personal style. When you discover your personal brand it makes shopping effortless, styling yourself stress-free, and helps you discover the style that you love for yourself, for each day. So whilst this article starts out with the background of business branding for entrepreneurs and how they can align their personal style with it, this can be beneficial to anyone looking to create a personal style that they can feel confident and comfortable in each day.

Authenticity is the base for your personal style

When I co-hosted a workshop with branding expert Marianne Hartley in May 2020, we spoke about the way business branding and personal branding can come together. The first thing we picked up on was the essential element to any personal branding and personal styling journey is authenticity. To be authentically yourself is something that can become a blessing each day. When you feel you can be confidently yourself, you will feel more comfortable, attract the right people to you, and you will be able to distinguish yourself in a unique way, without feeling uncomfortable.

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When you can curate an authentic wardrobe that you can go to with confidence, you will be able to be yourself when it comes to conveying your message to new potential clients, in meetings, and through social media. Consider a few questions when starting to discover your authentic style:

1.       What do I feel most confident in?

2.       What style icons do I gravitate to the most, and why?

3.       What message do I want to convey to clients and with my personal style?

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself when you start to take the journey to working on your authentic style wardrobe!

The psychology of colours

I recently shared an article which takes a deeper look into the psychology of the colours we wear, and how they can be seen by others & affect your mood, which you can read here. Colours can be an incredibly important part of your business branding process, as you will discover when you speak with your branding expert. They can have hidden meanings, deliver certain reactions for people, and create an instant response when people see your branding. The same goes for the colours you choose in your outfits. Not only are colours an important part of helping you feel a certain way, as well as helping your specific skin tone light up (which can be discovered through a colour analysis), but they can also develop an instant psychological response by people who see the colour.

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With just the above three options I have shared, different reactions to their colour choices for their outfits will happen, automatically and subconsciously within you. They are all professional women, who have chosen their outfits based on their personal style choices, their branding, and their confidence. This is not to say any colour is “wrong” to wear, it’s to consider what colours work best for your business and personal branding, so you can easily and effectively convey your personal message quickly, without having to say a word.

The reason why I love being a personal stylist is that I can work with men and women to help them create a wardrobe that speaks their message, helps keep them confident each day, and help them to discover the joy of shopping and creating outfits. This is never more important than with the colour choices they have – as this can so effectively boost your confidence in a moment.

Clarity and Consistency

My final tip, when discovering how to create a personal brand and personal style for yourself, is that you need to make sure you give the right message through your image, that your image quickly tells who you are and what you do at first sight, as well as making sure that this message is aligned with your brand message. That’s a lot to take in, I know! So let’s just quickly discuss the clarity side of your personal style.

When you work with someone, like a personal stylist, to help you develop your business wardrobe, you will speak with them about the day to day requirements of your wardrobe. You will also speak with them about the message you want to convey to those you meet, whether this is “confident and laid back”, “quirky and unique”, “professional and trustworthy” or any mix of feelings you want to bring to others. With this in mind, you have therefore discovered the clarity you need to have within your business wardrobe, making it much easier to know what outfits and colours can be used to convey these messages quickly to others, just through your personal styling. Just as you would do with a branding expert to create your logo, your website, and your marketing message!

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For example, with a quirky, feminine personal style, like the first image above, you can play with the shapes of your dresses, the patterns, and even the colours, whilst continuing to have clarity around the message you wish to convey. In the second styling option, you can convey a professional yet approachable message, with the jewellery being a stand-out piece throughout your styling, and having a more laid-back styling option with your clothes, which you can easily add more professional styling with just with a change of shirt or less jewellery. Finally, a professional and corporate option as with the third styling image, will be easy to continue throughout your outfits with the addition of a blazer, suit trousers, a shirt, or more laid back blazer if you want to remain professional but perhaps a little laid back.

Once you have the clarity around what message you want to give to others through your business styling, you can then create the consistency within your wardrobe. You can have outfits that are easy to create each day, helping you to have a stress-free morning, and you can easily find new options when you go shopping.

If you are looking to develop your personal brand, or create a wardrobe that can be a joy to open up each morning, then I hope this article has helped. If you’d like a little more assistance to help you on your journey to creating a personal style, I’d love to help you. I offer my online personal style masterclass in just 2 hours, which can be hosted online and will help you create a personal style that you feel confident in. Give me a call to arrange a free virtual consultation and we can take it from there!