Unique, bespoke and a huge dollop of colour

Something to (literally) brighten your morning: I’ve been working on a big commission this summer as part of my art and upcycling business and my client came to pick it up this morning… and *fanfare* here it is. Sadly I can’t show you the before and after pictures *shaking fist*.

It was a big job to sand down, clean, prepare and paint this good-quality wooden garden furniture set and the chairs were *ahem* a bit challenging with all the slats.

The colours were selected after a site visit consultation to fit in with the client’s garden and I’m rather pleased with the finished product. I think the client was, too 😍

So, revel in the loveliness and fingers crossed the sun keeps shining so she gets to enjoy it for another couple of months, at least, this year.

If you’ve got something at home that you feel could benefit from a bit of Parkslife magic, get in touch. Bring a bit of colour into your life because life’s too short for beige!