Want to turn your existing hobby into a viable business? You can’t go wrong with a shiny new website.

You know that hobby that you’ve always nurtured, those dreams you’ve had where you sell what you make, but you’ve never had the courage to move forward? Well we understand what that’s like, we hear it often when talking to our clients. Sometimes it’s all about having the right vision and the right support in order to push that precious idea forward.

Our latest website design is a case in point. Our client designs virtual lingerie for an online virtual world. It’s not something that will make them a millionaire but it’s their precious hobby and they know that there is a small but vibrant market for their products. They also know that they couldn’t afford a full blown e-commerce site.

So we have built them a stunning responsive website which is filled with their creative products and is tailored towards the virtual market, without the high costs that a full blown e-commerce website would incur.


The client demanded vibrancy, colour and va va voom, and we were more than willing to bear this in mind when designing. We love being able to get creative, and just occasionally it’s all about the sauce!

So if you have a hobby or a passion that you’d love to see fulfilled in a shiny new website, you can feel reassured that there ARE ways to make that dream come true, you just need the right team who can bring your vision to life.