We had a New Moon last night

Hello, I am Christina Raven, the Singing Astrologer, and this is my first post!

Today’s the 16th July and we’re still in the sign of Cancer – the Crab, ruled by the Moon. The Moon represents our mother, our emotions, so for Cancerians, a stable home and being able to cherish and protect your family is very important. But, your inner life can wax and wane with the phases of the moon, and this can be somewhat trying, not to say frustrating, for your nearest and dearest….


We had a new moon in the early hours of today, so if you are a Cancerian, that’s like your own personal New Year – what needs a fresh boost in your life? Where it falls in your chart can show you what will gain from that extra energy. And if it’s your birthday yesterday or tomorrow, it’s even more powerful as the New Moon was really connecting with your Sun – make that wish when you first see the young moon….


Christina Raven the Astrologer,

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