We’re proud of our revolutionary iS Clinical Skincare products!

At Appearance Based Medicine, we constantly strive to be at the very forefront of non-surgical Cosmetic Therapy and are extremely proud to be able to offer our customers a broad range of innovative treatments and revolutionary skincare products, all tried, tested and proven to provide exceptional results.  Our iS Clinical branded skincare is one such range, and has such an outstanding pedigree that we couldn’t not stock it!

“Innovative Skincare is a revolutionary cosmeceutical company pioneering a new strategy in the skincare industry, dedicated to developing clinically validated skincare products that improve the physical and emotional well-being of our customers.  We have carefully assembled a team of world renowned pharmacologists and physicians, who are responsible for some of the greatest advances in the fields of skincare and anti-ageing medicine, to create unique, highly efficacious skincare products that deliver dramatic physiological improvements in skin quality”


Some of the most popular iS Clinical products that we stock here at Appearance Based Medicine include the fast-acting, long-lasting ‘Active Serum’ (http://www.ab-med.co.uk/complimentary-products/active-serum/), £68.00 for 15ml, which effectively works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and hyperpigmentation, and smooths and softens skin texture through controlled exfoliation.  Another extremely popular Innovative Skincare product is the ‘iS Firming Complex’ (http://www.ab-med.co.uk/complimentary-products/firming-complex/), £108.00 for 50ml, which contains hyaluronic acid and has been clinically proven to help tighten sagging, loose skin on the face, neck and chest.  The ‘C Eye Advance +’ formula from iS Clinical (http://www.ab-med.co.uk/complimentary-products/c-eye-advance/), £48.00, is another must-have product specifically designed for the delicate eye area.  It helps to ‘plump out’ the appearance of fine lines around the eye area and can reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles.  It also helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes – a real multi-tasker of a product!

You can browse the full range of iS Clinical Products that Appearance Based Medicine stock by visiting our Online Shop: http://www.ab-med.co.uk/product-category/is-clinical-skincare/.

And if you need an excuse to buy some incredible skincare products, this December, if you buy 3 iS Clinical full-size products, you will receive a FREE Fire and Ice Medical Facial (worth £100).  Just Quote ‘ISCHRISTMAS’ when you contact us if you’d like to take up this exclusive offer!

If you are looking for revolutionary new products to incorporate into your daily skincare routine, but would like further advice before making a purchase, please don’t hesitate to call Appearance Based Medicine today.  You can either ring us on 01628 303020, or email us at[email protected] – we look forward to hearing from you soon, and helping you to find the revolutionary skincare product you’ve been looking for!