What are “Must-Have-More” items? Are they clutter? And how many do YOU have?

So, I hear you ask, what on earth are “Must-Have-More” items?

These are the things that you have a ton of already but for some reason, feel compelled to stock up on “just in case” every time you hit the High Street or stroll around the supermarket

Think of them as a kind of consumer version of touching wood or checking the cooker for the third time before you leave home.

As a Professional Declutterer, I’ve come across my share of “Must-Have-More”s.  I’ve seen nail varnishes of every shade on every surface.  And yes, that included the kitchen.

I’ve found towels stuffed in every drawer and cupboard by a busy teacher who swore she was “short of towels”.

And, many times, the perennially popular notebook! (Notebook hoarders – you know who you are…)

But “Must-Have-Mores” share similarities

  • A large number of same/similar items
  • Items are scattered without a proper “home”.
  • Items usually cheap – so you can buy lots of them
  • Items easy to get hold of – so you can – and do – buy plenty.

So what’s going on?

Far be it for me to put anyone on the couch. (I have enough understanding the workings of my own mind). But as an experienced Professional Declutterer my reasoning goes like this.

Clutter makes it hard to find stuff.  As it has no “home” it could be anywhere or everywhere.  You get frustrated at not being able to find stuff. You can never be sure how much you have. So you keeping buying more to reassure yourself.

To be fair, you’re trying to find a solution.  But it just makes the place more cluttered, especially as people often have more than one “Must-Have-More” item.

So what’s the solution?

Here are my tips for taming “Must-Have-Mores”

  • Gather them all up – you may be surprised by how many/much you have
  • Weed out any that:
    • You don’t like (That yellow nail varnish you got as a freebie?)
    • You know you’ll never use (those towels you got for Christmas that don’t match your colour scheme?)
    • Anything chipped/stained/dried up/past its sell-by date.
  • More than you can use? Your mates/Mum might be happy to take it off your hands.  Or maybe it’s time to take a trip to the charity shop.
  • Give it a permanent home, ideally where you use it so it’s easy to get out and easy to put away. Find a temporary spot to stash the backlog while you work through it.
  • Containers keep stuff organised. See what you can utilise from your home – you may not need to buy something specially.
  • Make life easy – stick a nice big label on the container. No need for fancy printed labels unless you want to.
  • When the urge to shop for your MHM item comes upon you – shop it from your stash!