What do Tropic Skincare and Telecoms have in common?

When I joined Tropic Skincare as an Independent Tropic Ambassador in August 2018, I was still a Sales Director in a telecoms managed services company.  To be honest, I joined for the discount.  I was using the products and was told I could get them cheaper if I signed up.  So, I did.

Included in my beautiful box of Tropic goodies came a business pack – but I wasn’t interested in that. I was only interested in the £500+ worth of core skincare.  I had been using toxic products and hadn’t realised it – but once you know better you do better.  My Top Tip is to download the free app “Think Dirty” and check out your skincare, makeup and household cleaning products – what you put on your skin really matters.  It was a game changer for me.

Tropic doesn’t have targets, so I felt under no pressure whatsoever.  I was just happy to share my love of the products.  I shared the catalogues that came in the box and the link to “my webshop” which I also was given when I joined.  Very quickly I had customers and folk who wanted to join my business and when a corporate contract came to an end I decided to focus on Tropic – and I haven’t looked back.

I now have a flourishing retail business with customers all over the world and a team of amazing women, I am living my best life.  I had always wanted to have a business that was my own but just didn’t have that one big idea, I hadn’t created that app or developed the next “must have” software program.   I certainly didn’t ever think that Tropic would give me that opportunity, but it has given me a platform to use my business skills and work ethic to grow something of my own.

In the corporate world I had a lot of success and very sharp elbows, but on reflection, I’m not sure how much I liked the woman I was.  Tropic has allowed me to be authentically myself, and to show up every day knowing I am going to be rewarded for the work I put in and for the support I provide my team.

So, what do telecoms and Tropic have in common? Well it’s all about connection.   In telecoms, I kept my clients “connected” and with Tropic I feel more “connected” to my purpose than ever before.