What do you want from your video company?


Hi guys,

I’m Geraldine Weber C.O.O. of Visual (www.visualvideo.ie) & I’ve recently become a member of WIBN Ballsbridge Dublin. I am looking for your help with a mini survey I’m conducting, targeting Marketing, PR and Business Consultants. If you are in that space & can spare 5 mins to fill out below, I would be really grateful. Thanks in advance, Ger. 

[email protected]

Q1: How do you find a video supplier/production company when you need one?

Q2: What are the key elements you look for when sourcing a video company?

Q3: What is your average budget spend on video content p.a. / per project?

Q4: Who in your organisation is responsible for choosing which video supplier you go with? (Job title please)

Q5: What are the key words you use when searching for a video supplier on-line? (If applicable)