What would you do with 9 extra days?

In a recent article it was suggested one hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing.

Whether we believe it’s five or ten hours, the sentiment is correct. Do your planning up front and you will save yourself time and money in the long run.

How many times have you lost track of what you were meant to achieve, got distracted, started off on a completely different path? Or course, there are times when you need to change the direction you are going in, but this needs to be a conscious decision based on where you taking your Business.

Something as simple as planning your goals for 2017, can take a while and requires tenacity, objectivity and honesty. Ask the hard questions, be realistic, but challenge yourself on what you can achieve.

I’ve seen plenty of piecemeal marketing activity that is not tied back to the plans for the business and that’s why I’ve set up a planning consultation as part of my offering to get people to think about what they want to achieve and tie their marketing colours to the mast.