What you need to know about Facebook for business

As with all social media marketing, setting clear objectives for success and creating the right strategy is key. Facebook can offer incredible ROI for B2C and some B2B marketing, as this case study shows, but posting two or three times a week isn’t going to cut it any more. Get the content right, share information, inspiration and offers that are of interest to your customer base, and you’ll have a winning strategy. You’ll hear us say again and again that a great strategy has engagement and customer service at the heart of it (including a process on how to handle negative comments and reviews). Contact us for more advice on the best Facebook strategy for your business.
A few key facts thanks to research from Sprout Social:

• Facebook has more than 2.23 billion monthly active users
• The social platform has more than one billion active daily users
• People spend an average of 35 minutes on Facebook each day
• Users access Facebook on average eight times per day
• More than 60 million businesses have a Facebook page
• According to Pew Research, 83% of women use the network compared to 75% of men

Facebook has become a powerhouse social tool used globally for both personal and business use. It has evolved from a means of peer-to-peer social networking to a vital pillar of any marketing strategy, from small businesses to global giants.

Did you know? – as little as 6% of ‘likes’ will now see organic Facebook content from businesses – so if you want to do business, you need to invest in some sponsored content

A big development in recent years has been the way consumers act in the customer journey, using social media to seek information and make purchasing decisions. A 2015 study found that 52% of consumers were influenced by Facebook when making both online and offline purchases—and rising.

Organically, Facebook offers value in plenty of ways;

– Increase digital presence
– Interact and engage with customers
– Share information to a wide audience
– Low-cost marketing
– List basic information about a business
– List and promote events
– Gain reviews and customer feedback

However, the key tool is Facebook Ads. These paid, sponsored posts provide a fantastic way to allow businesses targeted marketing that reaches the screen of their exact demographic. This level of exposure is an invaluable asset, with the potential to deliver a huge amount of brand awareness, leads and website traffic.

Facebook knows more about consumers than we can even imagine. Where they work, how and where they spend their leisure time, the conversations they are having and the plans they have for the future. Using geo-targeting, Facebook can even pinpoint where your customers are at any point during the day.

With the correct strategy in place, Facebook Ads ROI can be massive – particularly as it is a relatively low-cost tool, and you can choose any budget from £3 upwards. Facebook’s hyper-targeted Custom Audiences feature lets you advertise so specifically that advertisers have seen their new customer acquisition costs decline by as much as 73%.

Example: TWI worked with a local independent bridal boutique. In just one campaign, by targeting adverts to anyone within a 50-mile radius who changed their status from ‘single’ to ‘engaged’, we built a follower base from 1500 to over 9000 highly engaged customers.

The creative opportunities are huge too; create videos, slider campaigns, click to buy, direct messaging and offers and see in real time what outcomes you can expect as you adapt your audience and budget.

Our top tips for Facebook advertising:

1. Spend time and some creativity in researching and building your aduiences. Think laterally about their interests, buying demographic, age and location
2. Use video to capture your audience – remember that around 86% of people watch Facebook videos with the sound off, so use graphics to get your message across
3. You only have a few seconds, so include a strong call to action, desire or offer
4. Set up multiple campaigns and test to see what works best. Then simply add more time and budget to those best performing
5. Keep your business page updated with organic, interesting content so any clicks to page will see the same messaging or offers

At TWI we are experts at inspiring, creating and managing Facebook advertising campaigns. Regardless of the social platform or customer base you want to reach, we can help you use social marketing to grow your business. To find out more, you can call us on 01473 326907 or email us at [email protected]