You want to look effortlessly stylish, but your patience is short, and you struggle to find a great fit, in that ‘wow’ colour.

So, you end up in the same bland colours you’ve always worn with no inclination to spend your precious time-off on shopping trips that leave you in despair.

Your wardrobe is bursting with clothes you never wear because you didn’t really know how to choose. Some items have the tags still attached after your disastrous impulse buys.

A personal colour analysis is the answer to your problems – delivering a valuable service that saves you time, money, and stress.

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At your consultation, you will learn the exact colour palate from 16 seasons (rather than the usual 4) that perfectly matches your skin tone, so you will look radiant and feel amazing. When you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside.

You’ll also learn how to buy less, wear more using my unique method, sving you money and creating a beautifully arranged closet. Your sustainable wardrobe is not only good for your finances, it’s great for the environment too.

You’ll be encouraged to try new options which push you out of your comfort zone, enabling to develop your own sense of style and increase your confidence.

You’ll get tailored advice on the latest trends, so you’ll be able to enjoy the shopping experience.

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As an extra benefit, you will also get a personalised make-up session enabling you to perfect the complete look for your skin type and tone.

Your personal colour analysis consultation will save you heaps of time and money by enabling you to purchase the ideal clothes that make you look and feel self-assured, elegant, relaxed or funky – whatever works for you.

You can save the cost of this service (£150) in your first shop simply by having the right information and confidence to make the perfect purchases every time and cutting out the wasted hours in store.

Get in touch to find out more or book an online session and get your wardrobe ready for autumn/winter 2020.

One of a style, because you are one of a kind.


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Now that shops have re-opened, I want to invite you once more to shop consciously, buying only what really suits and works for you and your wardrobe. I also encourage you to go for higher quality, investment pieces that can be versatile and last over time, contrasting the “toxic” (and in the end not so profitable for consumers) fast fashion system. Find out the many ways a consultation with me can be beneficial for your shopping, your wardrobe, your self-confidence, and for the environment too.