Why does my cat do that?

So you are the proud owner of a wonderful cat, or maybe two?  Have you ever found yourself wondering why do they not drink from the bowl that is conveniently placed next to their dinner and why instead they jump in the bath tub or worse still drink from the rather sticky pond round the corner?  Perhaps your worried about all the urinary difficulties that you have heard cats have?  Well here is why and what to do about it…

Cats originally evolved as desert animals and would get lots of the liquid they needed from the prey they caught.  They also learnt to hold urine in, to conserve water and also to ensure that other predators could not find them.  Nowadays they may do the same but it may lead to urinary infections or kidney problems.  So Husse pet products would recommend the following.

  1. Give biscuits (kibble) food in the morning
  2. Give wet food, pouch or tin, in the evening
  3. Place small bowls of water around the house away from the food area, these can even be outside if the cat has access outdoors

At Husse we can help in a number of ways.

Firstly, our cat bowls come in a convenient style allowing two bowls to be easily moved around https://england.husse.com/husse-cat-bowl-double-dinner

Secondly, if this advice has come a little late and your cat already has some urinary difficulty we offer a food to support and additional supplements, all of which have been approved by our vets. https://england.husse.com/katt-urinary

Thirdly, Cranberry is your friend.  Find it in any food brand to help with these issues (just like for humans!)

Finally, a range of support supplements to support kidney difficulties (significantly better value than other ranges) https://england.husse.com/cats/cat-health-care/food-supplements/kidney-supplements

Remember to get the very best advice about your pets, their needs and how we may be able to help contact your very own WIBN rep.  Me!

By Sarah Stevens