Why women should weight train

My top reasons why we should all be weight training but for some reason women tend to shy away from this, don’t worry ladies we won’t all bulk up – that would really take some doing (we don’t have testosterone for a start)!

An increase in muscle mass has a profound effect on your metabolism (muscle is more metabolically active than fat).   Using  weights regularly will increase your resting (Basal) metabolic rate (BMR)  meaning you burn more calories without even trying

You can target specific ‘problem areas unlike with cardio

It will make you stronger! Sounds simple enough but many women are lacking in upper body strength.  Could you support your own body weight if you ever needed to?

It improves your bone density  reducing the risk of osteoporosis   and  it increases  the strength of your connective tissues meaning less chance of a  pulled/strained muscle during daily activities or other sports

Improves your posture making both your back and your core stronger just through everyday life