WIBN – Maximise Your Membership

As part of your WIBN membership we offer ‘Maximise Your Membership’ training sessions to ensure YOU get the best return on investment for YOUR business

The session times vary, depending upon the Franchisee running them and will give you the skills to get the most out of your membership and your networking opportunities.

Who will be there?
New members from your WIBN group, and other WIBN groups in the area. The session creates an opportunity to network with members from other groups.

How do I book on?
If there are any upcoming MYM sessions coming up the dates are listed below. To book onto a session please see the contact information below:

Tuesday 6th October 10am – 12noon **Online**  To book your place please email: [email protected]  Tel: 07976 932631

Thursday 29th October 10am – 12noon **Online**  To book your place please email: [email protected]  Tel:07903 494550