WIBN Membership

What Does WIBN Mean To Our Members?

Of 110 women who joined WIBN for 1 year all but 5 were still members at the end of the year and all of these had increased their business turnover to cover the cost of their WIBN membership and monthly meeting fees.

25 members had increased their profits by more than 5 times their outlay and 80 members had increased their profits by more than 10 times their outlay.

The 5 remaining had various reasons for not renewing their membership not related to business but including ill health and moving house.

: WIBN Fact :

Between 01/09/2015 and 30/11/2015 Google analytics recorded over 65,000 visits to our WIBN website.

Annual Membership fee and Meeting costs

WIBN Membership fee: £240
WIBN member meeting fee: £24
WIBN visitor meeting fee: £28

Central London Groups:
WIBN Membership fee: £275
WIBN member meeting fee: £27.50
WIBN visitor meeting fee: £33

(Prices correct from 1st January 2017, and subject to vat where appropriate, please speak to the group Chairperson for further information.)

WIBN Membership fee: €300
WIBN member meeting fee: €30
WIBN visitor meeting fee: €35

(Prices above subject to vat where appropriate, please speak to the group Chairperson for further information.)

WIBN Membership – Support, help, friendship: No price!

WIBN Membership is open to both business owners and employed women. Being part of WIBN will enable you to promote your business, its products or services to like minded women who will refer your business to their customers, clients, friends and family members. The power of ‘Word of Mouth’ has been proven to be most effective. When you become a member of the network you will also have access to other group meetings around the area (providing that there is no conflict of profession in the group you wish to visit).

You can use the ever expanding WIBN network effectively to meet many more members and fly the flag for your company. You will of course, support your ‘home’ group first, on a monthly basis but also plan plenty of additional networking at other groups to spread your ‘net’ wider!

WIBN Membership is by application only and is usually submitted after visiting a group meeting. Some members however, have decided to secure their professional slot in a group (to lock out the local competition), before they have even attended a meeting!

If you enjoy the meeting why not join straightaway to secure your professional slot. Speak to the group representative for advice on the next step and payment.

Extra benefits

We’ve teamed up with a range of partners to add even greater value to WIBN membership. This means you can take advantage of special discounts, exclusive deals and added benefits. From extra security when working or travelling alone, to special treats to reward yourself for all your hard work, these offers have been carefully selected to support you and your business.

If you are a WIBN member and would like to take up any of the offers below, please ask your Associate for more information on how to apply.

Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage is designed for lone female travellers who want to connect with other business women and make the most out of their business trips.

The free service helps you meet up safely with other WIBN members or a wider pool of professional women traveling to the same destination, and you can benefit from the advice and expertise of local ambassadors in 60 cities worldwide. You can also access:

  • Dedicated city guides
  • Exclusive hotel perks e.g. upgrades & spa treatments at certified female friendly hotels
  • Travel safety information
  • A monthly newsletter including the best travel blogs, exclusive competitions and exciting offers!

A team of local ambassadors is available for you to contact if you would like more information about your destination. One of our WIBN members found the support so useful, she became the new ambassador for Dublin!

If you would like more information, visit www.maiden-voyage.com

Institute of Directors

The Institute of Directors (IoD) offers WIBN members a fantastic deal on their membership in the UK. Thanks to a special agreement, they have waived the joining fee for WIBN members, so you can become part of the UK’s longest running organisation for professional leaders at a discounted rate.

The IoD provides support to around 34,500 members across the UK, promoting entrepreneurial activity and responsible business practice. Benefits of membership include:

  • Information and advice
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Networking at events and online
  • Opportunities to influence policy
  • Access to working and meeting space
  • Special rates for IoD members – from car rental to health plans and more!

Even if you’re not a director of a business you can still have the IoD’s support in helping you nurture and grow your business and career.

The joining fee has been waived for WIBN members, saving up to £220 on each application. For more information visit www.iod.com

Big Red Button

The Big Red Button offers immediate personal safety support on your phone. If you are walking alone and feel vulnerable, you can press the button to get immediate help or reassurance until you feel safe.

By pressing the Big Red Button you are immediately connected to a support team who know who you are, where you are, and how to support you in that situation. They can also escalate a call to one of your key contacts or call 999 on your behalf in an emergency.

It’s especially useful in those situations when you are not sure whether you need emergency support but feel unsafe and want someone to know where you are. It also means that if you can’t get hold of someone you know, there is an experienced team on the phone who will support you until you feel safe or take the appropriate action if you need urgent assistance.

As a WIBN member, you can get £5 off the first year, which is normally £9.99 for a year’s subscription. Any calls to the service are charged at £1.75 per minute.

For more information visit www.bigredbutton.com

Audensa Financial – save money on international payments

WIBN members can receive special exchange rates and free transfers on international payments, thanks to our partnership with Audensa Financial.

If you need to transfer or receive money in different currencies, you’ll know that banks often charge high fees (£10-£80) to make your currency payment. However, Audensa Financial offers free transfers regardless of the amount and as a WIBN member you will also get a “friends and family” exchange rate, so you can save even more.

For more information visit www.audensa.com


All offers are correct at time of publishing (August 2017) and are subject to providers’ terms and conditions. Please check with your WIBN Associate for the latest information.