With So Many Diets Out There, Why Am I Still Struggling?

You’ve tried them all, and some maybe several times, and you’re still not at your goal weight.

Frustrating and confusing. I totally get that.

Join me on Sunday November 25th, and let’s shed some light on what’s going on.

During the workshop you will learn:

– Why the diets you have tried didn’t work
– What you should try that will help you achieve your weight loss goals
– What step by step plan you should follow to make the change you so want to achieve

Location: Finchley Golf Club, Nether Court, Frith Lane, London NW7 1PU

Timings: 10:30-noon

Cost: £5 payable on the day (refreshments will be provided)

Places are limited, so book your place now! http://www.barnetpersonaltrainer.co.uk/workshop-november-landing-page/