Working from Home

As a small business owner, one of the things I have become used to, is working from home. When you work in an office or in the corporate world you may do this occasionally or even regularly but you have the concept of an office.

In my case, my office is home and I am not just doing this for today, this is it.

Below are some practices I have adopted to ensure my working from home is as effective as possible. These also apply if you work from home occasionally.

Work Area

You need a defined work area. Mine is not as nice as the one in the picture but a desk, computer, printer/scanner and wifi so I feel I am in an office. I am sure it is a psychological thing but it seems to make a difference.

Dress Up

I have a shower and get dressed. The temptation to work in my pyjamas is really high and I have succumbed occasionally but resist! I feel in ‘work mode’ once I sit at the desk. I don’t quite get the same vibe in my pyjamas.

Train your family and friends

You are home to work, not load the dishwasher, take the car to the garage, do the shopping or run everyone’s errands. You need to train your family and friends to understand that. They do…eventually.

Avoid telemarketers!

Invest in technology that can segregate your home and business telephone calls so you are not plagued by telemarketers.

Have a plan

I typically review my plan for today the day before. Plan your day, tackle the difficult things when you have the most energy and review your plan when you finish. Your plan needs to include how long you will work for. There is nothing wrong in putting in the hours to get a deadline or when you are just starting the temptation is to work all the hours you can. You need to balance this so you don’t burnout. If you are a business owner, try and fit in a networking meeting and/or seeing a prospective client at least once a week so you leave the house!

Take breaks

Have a coffee/tea/water break. Get lunch. You need breaks to increase your productivity. I would not recommend switching on the telly although I tend to have music playing most of the time.

What are your best working from home tips or experiences? I would be keen to hear from you so please like, comment or share.