Working relationships that work for everyone after meeting at WIBN

By Lucy Walsh, Director and Founder at Crystal Clear Compliance
Working relationships that work for everyone
This month we have been working on a PR campaign all around professional collaborations and how they can really benefit clients and it is something we believe passionately in.
For example, as a health and safety business, we quite often join forces with other companies or contractors, bringing them on board with different projects to help us to deliver a better, joined-up service to our clients.
One of the main things we do here at Crystal Clear Compliance is work with companies to identify any health and safety risks to their business and support them in establishing effective systems, policies and procedures to manage them. Using additional specialists we can trust helps us to not only offer a wider range of services to our clients, but also project manage contractors for them, ensuring any works that are recommend or required are completed and the reports or risk assessments don’t just sit in a drawer somewhere until the next visit!
When there is a crossover of disciplines
One such collaboration we have is with Mary Dovey. Mary is a HR consultant and founder of Your People Matter(s). She works with businesses as an outsourced HR department, covering everything from the creation of HR policies and contracts to more complex matters, such as workplace mediation, TUPE transfers, company restructures and change management.
Mary and I (Lucy) met at a WIBN event in 2017 and realised straight away that we had very similar values, working styles and our client base was pretty similar too. Over time, we started recommending each other to clients, coming together on lots of projects to ensure consistency and make life easier for the client as they are just dealing with one supplier.
One recent example of this was when a client of mine was looking to expand out to new locations. Mary supported the company with the transferring of staff to new sites (TUPE) and ensuring all staff were properly consulted, while I dealt with various risk assessments and operational procedures. The client also needed various written policies and contracts created or amended for both HR and health and safety requirements and we worked together to ensure everything interconnected where appropriate and presented the client with one, overall project plan that was consistent in appearance and that the various policies cross-referenced to each other correctly.
Mary, like Crystal Clear Compliance, does not believe in turning out generic documents and plans of action, but works to fully understand a business and tailor solutions to suit. When clients require multiple health and safety and HR policies, we work together and our documents become one, cohesive system that is consistent in fonts, layout, language and design and ensures the client is protected and meeting their legal requirements in all areas. When businesses are undergoing huge periods of change and scaling up or down, we work together to ensure that every HR or health and safety related risk is mapped out and a solution provided, forming part of a wider strategy.
Another benefit of our companies introducing each other is that our clients have confidence we’re suggesting a business that is not only credible, knowledgeable and trustworthy, but who stands a much better chance of fitting in within their business, culture and values.
As well as working collaboratively with other companies, we also work alongside preferred subcontractors who work with us to carry out any works we have identified and/or recommended via our health and safety audits. For example, electrical works, asbestos surveys and fire safety. We also work with our client’s own providers and subcontractors, such as water treatment providers or construction companies. This means that the works we recommend actually get done, which makes us and the client happy!
Business growth
Crystal Clear Compliance is a small business with a wealth of health and safety experience. Working with other businesses we trust means we can also offer our clients more without diluting our own business and brand and becoming a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. We know what our strengths are and only work with equally experienced professionals we know will deliver to the same values and standards as Crystal Clear Compliance. Nine times out of ten, we deal directly with the business owner too so it is also in their own interests to make the reciprocal relationship work and it can lead to business growth to both of us.
Best thing is our clients reap the biggest benefit of all as they have a team of specialists with decades of experience in their chosen field, all with the same passion, values and drive to deliver the best service they can.
Professional collaborations really can work!