Workshop to help with Stress & Anxiety

This will teach you about the Stimulus, Belief, Response (SBR) model, how to identify your own beliefs, you will give you tools to help you change them if you wish.

A segment of this workshop focuses on Judgements, how they play a critical role in our lives and some say are the root of all our discomforts.  What are judgements? How and why they feature in our lives? and how they serve us?  You will have the opportunity to look at the judgements you make and be given tools to help you turn your perspective around if you should want to do so?
This course will challenge the way you have learnt to think and show you new ways of dealing with situations in your day to day life!

Here are some testimonials:

Rekha is a warm and caring person who is present and trust-able. She is also great fun to have around. This workshop is a good way to get yourself starting to get to know yourself on many levels.”

Magnus B., Sweden

Rekha’s workshop goes directly to your heart, soul and brain. It provides powerful tools for any situation you can find difficult or uncomfortable. Yay!”

Fredrick R, Sweden.
Rekha was a wonderful teacher. She managed to keep me engaged and interested throughout, giving tangible examples to help my understanding. This Workshop helped me in many ways, feeling confident and appreciate myself and showing appreciation around me.”
Emeillie, Assistant, Boras, Sweden.