Yoga & Brunch in Surrey Quays

Come and join us for this extra special yin/yang yoga brunch, the first of our collaborations! Spring is finally here, and what better way to start your weekend than with an invigorating yoga session followed by a delicious brunch of seasonal British produce.

We’re thrilled to be hosting our event at The Lodge in Surrey Quays. The Lodge started off life as the park keeper’s lodge for Southwark Park but has been transformed in to a beautiful destination for everyone to enjoy and work on mindfulness and wellbeing by means of fitness, yoga and holistic treatments.

We’ll start off with a 90-minute yin/yang yoga class, commencing with some deep, soothing yin stretches to open up the body, then building towards a graceful yang flow with plenty of options to suit all levels and experience. We’ll finish of course with a glorious and well-earned relaxation.

Then it’s on to brunch in the beautiful dining area of the Lodge.

On the menu is:
Cherry and pistachio buckwheat bircher muesli

For the table:
• Griddled courgettes with homemade whipped ricotta and foraged herb pesto
• Braised fennel and lentil salad with preserved lemons and dill
• Sweet potato, chard and peanut salad
• Chard, lemon and goat’s cheese polenta cake

Spelt and walnut brownies with bay and raspberry

There will be goodie bags for everyone to take away as well!

For more information please contact Ellie ([email protected])