You & Your Business

This morning workshop is for you to take time out and take a step back from your business, but a step closer to yourself.

I have structured this workshop to look at you up close and personal. Who are you? What makes you tick? What are your values and how does all this affect your business?

This interactive, motivating and insightful morning will get your mind buzzing and inspire you to take action. Small changes to you and how you see yourself will have a direct impact on your business.

What do we cover?

  • Your personal character profile
  • Your personal values & beliefs
  • About Self-confidence
  • How to relax and ground yourself
  • The language we use and how we can best understand others

Can you afford not to make some adjustments so you can have a successful business?

I am a qualified Master NLP Practitioner and currently studying NLP Coaching. I have done over 15 years in self-development, attended many courses including mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique and experienced over 40 years of life (that has to count for something I think!). I am passionate about improving myself and my motto for life is to learn, grow and experience.

Look forward to seeing you on 21st January 2016.